Dell interested in Chrome OS and Moblin for future netbooks

July 16, 2009 at 4:00 pm

Dell interested in Chrome OS and MoblinDell is one of the few manufacturers that has embraced Linux on its ‘Mini’ range of netbooks. Its Mini 9 and Mini 10 devices had options with Ubuntu as well as Windows. The good news is that Dell looks like it is considering other Linux options for future netbooks too. Dell’s Doug Anson has said that the company is “very interested” in Moblin and is currently evaluating Chrome OS.

He sees all of these different Linux-based operating systems leading to a “renaissance within the PC and small device industry”. Anson went on to say, “these alternative operating environments are truly “different” from the traditional Windows platform – they don’t attempt to simply “mimic” Windows”.

Dell is working closely with key partners (Canonical and Intel) in developing potential offerings for Moblin, which it sees as “the next evolutionary step of the traditional Linux environment”. Whilst anything tangible may be some time away, it is encouraging that Dell is encouraging the use of these alternative operating systems. Hopefully, Jolicloud will also be on that list soon too.


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