Nvidia ION LE: Light version of ION aimed at XP netbooks

August 4, 2009 at 10:34 am

Nvidia IONNvidia has launched a lightweight version of its ION platform called ION LE. The ION LE denotes that it is an entry-level product and is targeted to netbooks and nettops that use the Windows XP operating system.

“ION LE is SKU of the ION GPU that is identical to ION, except it only supports DX9. This product is designed specifically for Windows XP on Netbooks and Nettops and we are going to offer LE SKU just for OEM market,“ said Igor Stanek, Product PR Manager EMEA ION/Notebook products.

This seems like a good move by Nvidia as it means they can hopefully charge less for ION LE as opposed to ION, due to the inclusion of DirectX 9 rather than Directx 10. Whilst ION LE will only be limited to XP netbooks, this shouldn’t be a problem as we may still see XP in netbooks up to a year after Windows 7 is launched.

Via Fudzilla.


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