Asus Eee PC T101H debuting with N450 Atom in January?

October 14, 2009 at 8:21 pm

Asus Eee PC T101HThere has been little word regarding the 10.2-inch big brother to the 8.9-inch Asus Eee PC T91 convertible netbook. The Asus Eee PC T101H seems to have been in a state of limbo, whilst the company decides whether it worth green lighting the netbook or not. However, according to, it is on its way, expecting to make a formal appearance at CES in January 2010 and sporting a 1.66GHz N450 Atom Pineview processor.

The T101H is expected to come with a 10.2-inch resistive touchscreen display (mo multi-touch here) along with Windows 7. It will come with 1GB RAM, 16GB SSD, Wi-Fi (Draft-N), an accelerometer and a battery life good for 8 hours.

Options will include 3G and DVB-T digital TV. Pricing is expected to be between €650-€700. Not cheap considering that there is likely to be devices with multi-touch displays probably launching in the same time frame.


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