Lenovo Thinkpad X100e reviewed – great ergonomics, poor internals

January 19, 2010 at 12:50 pm

Lenovo Thinkpad X100eThe Lenovo Thinkpad X100e has seen its first review courtesy of Peter at Netbooked. He praised the typical Thinkpad industrial looks and ergonomics and went as far to say that the chiclet keyboard is the best used on an 11.6-inch device. Add the fact that it includes a matte display and trackpoint navigation and the X100e doesn’t let the Thinkpad brand name down.

Peter was less enamored with choice of 1.6Ghz AMD Athlon Neo processor that was sluggish in use and barely more powerful than your average netbook. However, the X100e is good enough for HD video playback thanks to its ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics, although you don’t get a HDMI-out included.

Battery life did not match CULV machines, offering around 3-4 hours of runtime depending on usage. For those looking for a functional ultraportable with great ergonomics then this should be right up your street. For others looking for more oomph, you may be better waiting for the dual-core models arriving later in 2010.


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