Apple iPad Review Roundup [Video]

April 1, 2010 at 5:19 pm

Apple iPadThe Apple iPad launch is now imminent and right on cue a whole host of reviews have hit the web. Overall, the general consensus appeared to be quite positive, with hardly any all-out negative reviews. The iPad appears to be very well-suited to web browsing and performance was snappy thanks to its A4 chipset.

Interestingly, battery life was better than expected with most reviewers getting at least 9.5 hours (Apple quotes 10 hours) of runtime. The virtual keyboard had a mixed reception with some reviewers loving it and even preferring it to netbook keyboards. Check out a number of reviews after the break.

Boing Boing: “It strikes you when you first touch an iPad. The form just feels good, not too lightweight or heavy, nor too thin or thick. It’s sensual. It’s tactile. And that moment is a good way to spot a first-timer, too, as I observed with a few test subjects. The dead giveaway for an iPad n00b is a pause, a few breaths before hitting the “on” switch, just letting it rest against the skin.”

Chicago Sun-Times: “The most compelling sign that Apple got this right is the fact that despite the novelty of the iPad, the excitement slips away after about ten seconds and you’re completely focused on the task at hand … whether it’s reading a book, writing a report, or working on clearing your Inbox. Second most compelling: in situation after situation, I find that the iPad is the best computer in my household and office menagerie.”

PC Magazine: “Is the iPad a perfect product? No. And the omissions will give the anti-Apple crowd plenty of ammo. Why do I need this extra device that’s not a full-fledged laptop? Where’s the camera? What about Flash? Um, how about multitasking? These are all valid complaints, but one thing I can say about most Apple products, and certainly the iPad: There may be things it doesn’t do, but what it does do, it does remarkably well. Aside from the aforementioned limitations, there isn’t a lot else to gripe about. And to my great surprise, you can actually get real work done with the iPad.”

New York Times: “The bottom line is that the iPad has been designed and built by a bunch of perfectionists. If you like the concept, you’ll love the machine. The only question is: Do you like the concept?”

TechBlog: “The on-screen keyboard was eminently usable, even in portrait mode. But it was even better in landscape mode -I could almost touch type. I’d use a Bluetooth keyboard for extended typing sessions but the on-screen keyboard was better than I expected.”

USA Today: “Apple has pretty much nailed it with this first iPad, though there’s certainly room for improvement. Nearly three years after making a splash with the iPhone, Apple has delivered another impressive product that largely lives up to the hype.”

Wall Street Journal: “All in all, however, the iPad is an advance in making more-sophisticated computing possible via a simple touch interface on a slender, light device. Only time will tell if it’s a real challenger to the laptop and netbook.”

Stephen Fry unpacks the Apple iPad


1,898 Responses to “Apple iPad Review Roundup [Video]”

  1. Bob said:
    April 1st, 2010 6:58 PM

    It seems all of the above comments – most or perhaps all of ’em from yankee land – have used ‘kind’ words to comment on their flagship brand’s newest product but to put it straight, it looks like they are 50:50 on the iPad, which perhaps was an almost 100 for the Apple iphone.

    New York Times asks “Do you like the concept ? ” This is an extremely relevant question. Many, I suspect, will also say ‘Nope’.

    Apple will obviously market it well (thanks in part to their homeland croonie tabloids like above … I should have said ‘patriotic’ 😉 ) and they will sell it well thru’ super applications, BUT I fear this is a device that cannot replicate what a netbook does. The purpose (concept) itself is different.

    Therefore, if I had a choice, I’d prefer a swivel screen touch-tablet cum netbook form factor instead. I’ll get best of both form factors.

  2. mac ipad video converter said:
    September 25th, 2010 6:44 AM

    except the price of ipad , i find every thign is amazing with my new bought ipad , espeacially reading book and playing games , very easy and comfortable

  3. video ipad said:
    September 28th, 2010 10:15 AM

    Though there are many criticism about ipad, but I still love ipad, for it can satisfied my demand: watching video with a big screen on the go.

  4. video to ipad converter said:
    October 9th, 2010 11:46 AM

    Thanks for sharing this post. I am an ipad fan , I do agree their words,I like to enjoy movies with ipad . I have to say that it strikes me whenI first touch it, it is so perfect.

  5. dvdtoipad said:
    October 13th, 2010 8:47 AM

    as an ipad fan, I pay attention to any news about ipad.

  6. dvdipad said:
    October 28th, 2010 8:31 AM

    I don′t like it much. It′s just a bigger iPhone, but has no cell phone, so I still need to have my iPhone around. Its big like a laptop, but it is not a laptop because it only has the mobile os, so why would I have this thing with me anyway? What does it do that the iphone/macbook doesn′t? For me it is only a toy…IMHO.


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