Lenovo postpones Skylight and U1 Hybrid to prep for Android

May 29, 2010 at 4:31 pm

Lenovo U1 Hybrid Lenovo has indefinitely delayed the release of two of its most anticipated products, the Skylight smartbook and Ideapad U1 Hybrid. The latter was interesting in that it was a tablet and CULV ultrathin in one form-factor. Both concepts are now back on the drawing board to prepare for a relaunch using Android OS instead of the custom Linux OS they were planning on using.

There is currently no idea when they will hit the market again and we don’t know if we’ll see them in their current forms again. Lenovo released a statement highlighting that it had shelved “plans to release the initial version of the Skylight smartbook.” This could mean it will come back to the market in another guise. There are also rumours that Lenovo are expected to launch other Android devices by the end of the year, although what form these will take is unknown.


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  1. Strodtbeck said:
    May 29th, 2010 4:58 PM

    The problem is that these hardware manufacturers don’t have the mobile OS for tablets they want. Really Chrome OS is most likely that OS, but Android is the one on fire and gaining ground, but Google has yet to OK the “Android Tablet” thus they are a little crippled. Google needs to OK Android for tablets and let everyone get on with it.