How to backup and restore your entire netbook drive

March 16, 2009 at 6:09 pm

The Register has a handy tutorial of how to both backup and restore your netbook. It is not talking about backing up a few files here and there but the entire drive. The guide talks about how to duplicate the operating system, updates applications, documents and media files. The guide goes through two methods, PING which requires an external optical disk and also an USB flash drive installation.

After losing a lot of data on one of my laptops a few years ago it is something I take very seriously nowadays. So much so that I now have a server that backs up all of my files nightly and also use Carbonite which backs up files remotely in case of theft/fire. The guide won’t help you with the latter but is well worth a look if you don’t want to suffer too much pain if your hard-drive fails.

Acer Aspire One mod – adding an eSATA port

March 10, 2009 at 3:55 pm

Normally when one is thinking of modding a netbook one thinks of upgrading the RAM or hard-disk drive. However, tnkgrl has gone one step further by modding her Acer Aspire One to add an eSATA port to the side. An eSATA port allows for a speedy external drive capable of 300 Mbps data transfer, nearly five times faster than using the integrated USB 2.0 ports of the AAO.

The guide is the last in a four-step series where she has already added Bluetooth, 3G, more RAM as well as swapping out her hard-drive. Budding enthusiasts beware though, this mod will void your warranty as it involves actually cutting into the casing! However, given the price of a cheap netbook over a laptop/notebook some people might want to take that risk.

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