Entourage Edge dual-screen Android e-reader gets video hands-on

December 16, 2009 at 4:59 pm

Entourage EdgeThe Entourage Edge is an interesting device that sports dual displays, one of them a 9.7-inch e-ink panel and the other a 10-inch TFT LCD. The Marvell-powered device is marketed as an e-reader, however its twin-display setup means its functionality can be much broader and I suspect used for some quasi netbook tasks.

Cnet’s Ina Fried spent some hands-on time with the Entourage Edge that runs on Android. You can move content between displays as well as launch apps from the desktop. However, the Edge is still a bit buggy and feels like a “first-generation product.” It’s expected to launch in February 2010 for $490. Check out the video after the jump. Read more