Video: Pegatron Vivid’s Tegra-powered netbook with dedicated web keys

June 17, 2009 at 6:33 pm

Pegatron VividNew products from the Computex show continue to roll in, courtesy of NetbookNews. This time round, we are shown the Pegatron Vivid which is an Nvidia Tegra-based device. Where this particular model differs from the rest is in having dedicated buttons on top of the keyboard for Yahoo!, Google, MSN and Skype.

Being a Tegra-powered device you can expect 1080p HD video playback through its HDMI port and strong battery life. The device has a matte display and a sealed battery, although it’s only a pre-production sample so that is likely to change. You’ll also find a fancy speaker integrated into the hinge. No word on pricing or availability right now. Check out the hands-on after the jump. Read more