PsiXpda Pocket PC unveiled with 5-inch touchscreen & 3G

December 5, 2009 at 12:16 pm

PsiXpda New startup PsiXpda has launched a new pocket computer/UMPC device that harks back to the old PDAs of yesteryear. However, this is a refresh bought up to date with today’s technologies and comes with a feature-rich spec sheet.

It comes with a 5-inch (800 x 480) touchscreen display and powered by a 1.1GHz Z510 Intel Atom processor. You’ll also get 1GB RAM, a high-speed 16GB SSD and Windows XP. This is a miniature netbook if ever there was one.

It comes with a wide array of connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (b/g) and even an unlocked 3G modem pre-installed. You’ll also find a 64-key backlit keyboard and the display’s bezel houses the mouse buttons. The PsiXpda also includes a full-sized USB and mini USB port for wide peripheral support as well as a webcam.

The user replaceable 1850mAh battery should last between two to four hours depending on usage. The only realy blemish is an included 2.5mm socket, rather than a more standard 3.5mm one. It is set to launch in the UK for around the £500 mark, not a bad price given that 3G is included. Click through for the full specifications. Read more