Video: Mobinnova élan, Tegra-powered smartbook running Windows CE

June 2, 2009 at 9:25 pm

Mobinnova élanMobinnova has unveiled the élan smartbook (or netbook if you prefer) which is an 8.9-inch device that is powered by Nvidia’s Tegra platform. As mentioned in the previous Tegra post, there are numerous benefits to the platform including an ‘always connected’ environment, HD video, flash player support and superb battery life.

The Mobinnova élan doesn’t disappoint here, offering 5-10 hours of continuous 720p HD video playback in an ultramobile package that weighs just 836g (1.84lbs) and is just 0.8-inches thick [Dimensions: 9.1 inches (232mm) x 7.3 inches (186 mm) x .8 inches (20.5 mm)]. Read more

Nvidia intros 12 new Tegra devices – 1080p, Flash, & huge battery life

June 2, 2009 at 6:15 pm

Nvidia TegraNvidia is out in full force at the Computex show in Taiwan. We have already seen it outing 21 devices based on the ION-platform. However, it has also revealed 12 new devices (mostly Mobile Internet Devices) based on the Tegra platform. The Tegra platform is different to ION in that it pairs an ARM-based processor with an Nvidia GeForce GPU (ION pairs an Intel Atom CPU with the Nvidia 9400M graphics).

Nvidia claims that the Tegra processor is the “world’s smallest and lowest power computer-on-a-chip”. The chip will be able to handle 1080p video and will come with a massive battery life. Nvidia claim that it can handle 10 hours of 1080p video playback on a single charge – that is a frankly astonishing claim!

It will also come with Flash GPU-acceleration, which means that the likes of YouTube and Hulu will be no problem. The chip will include 3G and Wi-Fi support and will effectively be ‘always-on’ to the internet. These chips will be found in both tablet and netbook type devices and are expected to launch by the end of 2009 with prices around the $200 mark with carrier subsidies. The full press release is attached after the break. Read more

Computex: Nvidia Tegra netbooks to debut with Windows CE

June 1, 2009 at 12:04 am

Nvidia TegraNvidia will be showing off the first netbooks that run on the Tegra platform at the Computex show, which kicks off on Tuesday in Taiwan. The Tegra platform is different to ION in that it pairs an ARM-based processor with an Nvidia GeForce GPU (ION pairs an Intel Atom CPU with the Nvidia 9400M graphics).

The lack of an x86 processor, means that Windows XP/Windows 7 is not an option. Instead, these netbooks will be running the Windows CE operating system. Nvidia says that at some point down the road, it hopes to use Google Android instead. Read more

Nvidia Tegra-powered HP Mini 1000 netbook

April 2, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Nvidia TegraNvidia has shown off a HP Mini 1000 at CTIA powered by its own Tegra platform. The unit was shown using a Windows CE build. As it uses an ARM CPU, it does not support Windows XP and Vista. The Nvidia Tegra line is a low-power platform aimed at mobile products and can handle 720p HD video.

Nvidia were showcasing the Tegra platform rather than telling the world that it is planning to commercialise a Tegra-powered HP Mini. The prototype demonstrated was about the size of a single DIMM RAM. It shows how scalable the platform is.

Could we see these in MIDs or netbooks soon? The advantage of HDMI, playable 3D graphics and more battery life may be enough to convince users to sacrifice Windows XP/Vista/Windows7. There are no firm Tegra product announcements yet, but as with Ion, it can’t be too long now.

Via Engadget.

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