AMD looking to outgun ION via Radeon HD 4200

July 2, 2009 at 6:10 pm

ATI Radeon GraphicsAMD is planning to release a new integrated chipset codenamed RS880 targeting low-end systems such as netbooks according to The Inquirer. This chip will come with the ATi Radeon HD4200 graphics core that is 15 percent faster than anything on the market right now.

I assume this statistic also takes into account Nvidia’s 9400M/ION GPU. After all, it is Nvidia’s ION platform that AMD is targeting here. It also supports AMD’s Stream general-purpose computing technology and, by extension, would eventually support OpenCL. A first glimpse of these new chipset should emerge in August and it is set to include DX10.1. This would mean a launch ahead of the rumoured ION 2 chipset from Nvidia by the end of the year.


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