Vodafone UK drops price of Dell Mini 9 contracts

March 9, 2009 at 3:14 pm

VodafoneFrom today, Vodafone is taking £5 off the monthly contract price for a Dell Inspiron Mini 9. Both 24-month contracts will see the Dell Mini 9 for free, but now the lower priced contract will cost £20 per month with 1GB data allowance. The more expensive contract comes in at £25 per month for 3GB data allowance. Currently the Dell Mini 9 is the only netbook being offered by Vodafone UK, however that may soon change if Vodafone starts to release it’s own branded units.

Quanta to manufacture Vodafone-branded netbooks

March 9, 2009 at 12:05 pm

W101Vodafone may be about to launch its own branded netbooks in Europe manufactured by Quanta according to Taiwan Mobile is set to do something similar with RoyalTek (a joint venture between Quanta Computer and Acer’s mobile phone manufacturing subsidiary E-Ten). Taiwan Mobile, the nation’s second-biggest telecom operator, is looking to boost data subscription in the face of falling voice usage. “We have been looking into the netbook market for a while. We decided to make our own line in light of satisfactory sales of Acer and Asustek’s models,” Taiwan Mobile’s COO Cliff Lai said recently. It would be no surprise to see European mobile operators doing something similar to gain market share.

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