Dragonfly concept gets hands-on impressions

June 10, 2009 at 11:16 pm

Dragonfly conceptWe reported on the DragonFly cross-folding concept design just yesterday and it looks like Engadget has already gone hands-on with a mock-up device in the flesh. If you remember, this concept is based on a double-folding design that supposedly transforms a fully-functioning netbook into a device small enough to fit in your pocket.

Their impressions weren’t convincing, feeling that it will need the backing of a bigger organisation to pull the concept off. Developer, Edward Bullister, plans to stick a Moorestown chip inside the device and has the idea that it will dual-boot Windows XP and Moblin. He has some very ambitious plans (and timelines) for the device, hoping that it will be ready to ship by the end of this year!

As with some of the smartbooks we saw at Computex, he says that the device will have an “all day” battery life. There is no working prototype of the model so far and no manufacturer lined up as things stand. My guess is that we’ll be waiting until the second half of next year at the earliest to see this particular concept in action.

Update: Liliputing has a video of the concept in action. Check it out after the break.


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