Early impressions of Asus Eee PC 1004DN plus indicative pricing

April 9, 2009 at 11:18 am

Asus Eee PC 1004DNAustralia’s PC Authority has managed to get hands-on with the Eee PC 1004DN, Asus’ first netbook with embedded optical drive. Interestingly, they also revealed that the 1004DN has an Australian RRP of AUD1399, the first time we have an idea on pricing. This converts to roughly $995/€750/£680 so it certainly will not be cheap if the 1004DN ends up coming to the US/Europe.

Starting off with the chiclet keyboard, they found the comfort level was good with a good response, despite the rattle of the keys (something which a number of chiclet keyboards suffer with). The same couldn’t be said of the trackpad which they found to be “sticky and unresponsive”.

The 1004DN comes with a 6-cell 5200 mAh battery that is expected to last 5.9 hours. This battery was the main thing that spoilt the otherwise slender profile of the 1004DN. I’m surprised they didn’t try to fit the battery flush in line with the rest of the chassis, although with the embedded optical drive I imagine internal space was at a premium.

The 1.66GHz N280 Atom CPU gave a performance of 0.42 in their benchmarks as opposed to the usual 0.39, so a slight performance increase. I still don’t really understand why they went for some quite powerful hardware yet stuck with a standard-definition (1024 x 600) 10-inch display. They didn’t talk too much about the 1004DN’s main USP, its optical drive, although I expect we’ll hear more in a full review shortly.

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4 Responses to “Early impressions of Asus Eee PC 1004DN plus indicative pricing”

  1. A.Addict said:
    April 9th, 2009 11:21 PM

    Nearly the price of white macbook, not likely. Pointless product with crazy price. Who needs an optical drive in their netbook? Especially when an optical drive more than doubles the price of the unit. White elephant for sure.

  2. chir said:
    April 9th, 2009 11:46 PM

    >> “I still don’t understand why they went for some quite powerful hardware yet stuck with a standard-definition 1024 x 600 display” <<

    Well, it’s easy to understand: Intel and MS do not allow shipping N280 laptops with more resolution than 1024*600.
    If ASUS wants to ship better screens, they are forced to use some other CPU (like the slower Intel Z520 for instance).

  3. Jet Sun said:
    April 10th, 2009 6:28 AM

    I’m not sure that is true. The HP Mini 2140 has a N270 Atom CPU and has the option of a 1366×768 display, whilst Gigabyte’s upcoming T1028P will have a high-res display running on a N280 Atom CPU.